Landscape of Companies

Photographer: Antje Heyn

ACGF’s Board of Directors is comprised of Bernd Leidner and Dirk Josef Thiesen, who combined possess more than 50 years of expertise in the international financial sector. The vast international exposure of the Board of Directors is centered around experiences with credit guarantee funds in various parts of the world ensuring that ACGF is operated in line with the international best practices and standards.

ACGF is a model CGF, the success of which has served as the impetus for its Tajik sister project, CGFT. The operations of CGFT are headed by LANDT, providing an opportunity for international synergies and exposure to the global community of credit guarantee institutions. 

ACGF’s long history of successful financing SMEs has proven itself and influenced many others: CGFT was founded in 2014 to follow the efficient, reliable path that had built by its sister foundation ACGF. By improving access to finance for SMEs in all the regions of Tajikistan, CGFT is in contribution with ACGF under the roof of LANDT. Operating as part of LANDT enables the two credit guarantee schemes to develop synergies and exchange expertise across borders. The expertise and capacities developed from this cooperation creates the potential for further expansion of LANDT into other countries.

Landscape of Companies

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