ACGF’s Success Factors

ACGF combines the best of international best practice and local Afghan expertise.

Photographer: Antje Heyn

The approach : ACGF employs a unique approach of providing guarantees coupled with technical assistance to holistically strengthen lending practices by PIs, as well as providing direct support to MSMEs to supplement financial service delivery. With the objective of long-term sustainability, ACGF runs its operations based on the following business principles.

Expertise: ACGF unites international best practices and country-specific expertise. The diverse team of international experts is highly skilled and strongly committed to ACGF’s mandate. Benefitting from 18 years of institutional experience and knowledge in the financial sector in Afghanistan, ACGF provides highly sophisticated technical solutions adjusted to the country-specific conditions and needs.

Quality: Informed by its expertise, ACGF maintains rigorous standards of quality in all its actions. ACGF cares deeply about its work and about providing excellent solutions to the market, thereby achieving the best possible results for financial institutions and MSMEs in Afghanistan.

Reputation and trust: Over the years, ACGF has gained a remarkable reputation among international and national stakeholders. ACGF is commonly known as a trusted and highly sophisticated organization in the financial sector of Afghanistan.

Relationships: Since 2004, ACGF and its predecessor CGF-A have been building long-lasting relationships. Mutual trust and dedication to common objectives have been the basis for successful cooperation with its stakeholders and partners in Afghanistan.

Long-term commitment: ACGF is committed to the long haul. As part of the financial sector, ACGF uses its instruments to continue developing and expanding the MSME
lending market with a long-term perspective.

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